| Journal of the Arizona Dental Association, June-July 2013
Health care and service to the community have
always been a part of the Westervelt family history
throughout the generations. I just happen to be the
first Westervelt who switched to the dental side of
health care after three generations
of physicians.
I was born and raised in the small
rural town of Camp Verde with
six brothers and three sisters. My
father, Dr. Mark J. Westervelt, was
the town physician for 42 years,
from 1964 to 2006. He was the first
doctor outside of Cottonwood,
with no physicians being in Sedona,
Oak Creek, or Camp Verde at that
time. He was a typical small-town
doctor, doing everything from free
athletic physicals, delivering babies, setting and putting
casts on broken bones, suturing logging accidents over
the weekend, to getting phone calls at home, at all
hours of the night. He was there for his patients at all
times with a listed phone number. My father was one
of those “vanishing breeds” in the medical profession.
He was a practitioner whose life was totally dedicated
to the best interest of those whom
he served, with little concern for
financial remuneration. His initial
contract was with the Indian
Health Services. It was for
3 an
office visit.
He was influenced by his father,
Dr. Marcus W. Westervelt, who
provided 40 years of service
to the community through his
private medical practice in Tempe
and Scottsdale. Grandpa also
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