| Journal of the Arizona Dental Association, June-July 2013
CADS President’sMessage
Brett A. Dameron, DDS
Dr. Brett Dameron
practices general dentistry
in Scottsdale. He is the
President of the Central
Arizona Dental Society.
Sitting comfortably at my desk, I contemplate the busy-
ness of our lives and how we prioritize the bombard-
ment of tasks and information. It’s no wonder when we
(AzDA) ask for volunteers, it often falls on deaf ears.
As we mature in our personal and professional lives,
we have more to do and, unfortunately, less time to do
it. Ironically, it all gets done. I am not sure if we have
learned special skills (compartmentalizing) or we have
just become numb to the pressures of everyday life.
I began my dental career working in a corporate
dentistry model. I was newly married and living in a
one-bedroom apartment. Life was almost more than I
could manage. Now, however, life on many levels has
become more complex. I own a practice, a building,
and a house. Along with a wife, we now have two chil-
dren, a dog, and a fish, and yet, life seems pleasantly
normal (and not more than I can manage, despite all
of the additional complexities). In tying this back to
the Dental Association, taking on the role of CADS
President did add another complexity or responsibility
to my life, but it is not overwhelming—it somehow
seems like a natural progression.
Life is a balancing act that can’t be overloaded in any
one aspect or area. I find that family, work, charity,
and “me” time (all in the right proportion) has made
my life complete. I make time for the people and proj-
ects that are important to me. Whether it involves my
personal or professional life, I find that I constantly
reprioritize, depending on what seems to be the press-
ing task at hand.
As you look at your schedule and wonder, “Will I
really be overwhelmed if I volunteer some time to
serve on the CADS Board, at Give Kids a Smile or
Arizona Mission of Mercy event?” For me the answer
was “No,” and if I could step outside the box and
get involved, I know you can as well. A small amount
of your time can reap great emotional and tangible
rewards for you and many others.
Can patients find more about your practice on
CADS’s smilebrightarizona.com lead genera-
tion campaign? Not if you have not listed your
website with AzDA. In fact, you could be losing
out on potential referrals because patients do not
have access to your website from the smilebrigh-
tarizona.com campaign (or from AzDA’s “Find
an Arizona Dentist” feature). Remember, people
who search for a dentist online are often looking
for more than a phone number and an address, so
it is essential that if you have a website, it be en-
tered into our database. CADS members should
also backlink their practice website to smilebrigh-
tarizona.com. By doing so, the campaign will rank
higher in search engines like Google.
If you do have a website, and you are not sure
if it was entered into AzDA’s database, you can
quickly find out by logging into your account at
azda.org, and scrolling down to the
This information is updated on a monthly basis,
so make sure you enter your website in as soon
as possible.
In the right proportion
Finding time formy family, my practice,
andgetting involved
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