| Journal of the Arizona Dental Association, June-July 2013
The “Find an Arizona Dentist” feature on AzDA.
org has a couple of new bells and whistles for
potential patients looking for a dentist. In addi-
tion to displaying office hours, which patients were
looking for, the system also displays social media
icons if you reported to AzDA that your practice
participates in social media.* By including office
hours, location map, services offered, a member
dentist photograph, social media links, and link to
the member’s website, AzDA’s “Find an Arizona
Dentist” equips potential patients much of the in-
formation they’ll need to compel them to schedule
an appointment with your office. In an age where
consumers demand instant information and results,
we have provided online consumers the ability to
view a quick glimpse of your practice, as well as
easy opportunities to connect with you via phone,
website, or social media.
* Note: The icons that link to your practice’s social media out-
lets will only appear if you have specifically logged into your
online profile and indicated you want these items displayed, or
if you marked and returned the roster profile that was mailed
to you. If you would like to add social media outlets that your
practice participates in, log into your online profile at azda.org
and update your information. To avoid any confusion, unless
you specifically marked that you wanted these icons displayed,
they will not appear. Please do not worry that your “Find an
Arizona Dentist” profile on AzDA.org is automatically display-
ing your personal Facebook or Twitter page!
Give Kids a Smile 2013
Preliminary results from statewide event sites and
offices including both valley dental schools reveal
that 700 children received over one-quarter million
dollars in free dental care already this year. This is
an amazing accomplishment and all 600 volunteers
should pat themselves on the back for the valuable
treatment they provide underserved children in their
community. Thanks to all our supporters for keep-
ing Give Kids a Smile strong in Arizona.
Robert F Hankel Jr, DDS of Casa Grande
Our “FindanArizonaDentist”
feature justgot better
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