| Journal of the Arizona Dental Association, June-July 2013
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Dr. Errol Kahn
Past SADS President Errol Kahn, DDS passed away suddenly
April 25 at his residence. He was a lifelong resident of Tucson,
graduate of Sabino High School, attended the University of
Arizona and the University of Pacific School of Dentistry.
He practiced for over twenty years in Tucson. In addition to
serving as Past President of SADS, he volunteered at the
St. Elizabeth’s Dental Clinic.
I have known Dr. Errol Kahn for much of the time that he prac-
ticed in Tucson. He brought insightful thinking and well-thought
dialogue to his volunteer positions in the Arizona Dental Associa-
tion. Dr. Kahn was a great listener. And while his words were
few, when he spoke, he earned the respect his peers. During his
many years on the SADS Ethics Committee, he found ways to
resolve conflicts (and provide mutually agreeable solutions)
between parties with different agendas. SADS was fortunate to
have Dr. Kahn as its president. He brought leadership to the
Board, and composure to the Association. He will be
deeply missed by all who knew him.
—Dr. Bob Howard, past Board
Member, past Ethics Committee Chair
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