Inscriptions—February 2021

16 INSCRIPTIONS | February 2021 Electronic prescribing is gaining trac- tion in Arizona and across the country as we combat challenges posed by the opioid and pain killer epidemic. On January 1st, the Medicare mandate to electronically submit prescriptions for all controlled substances under Part D went into effect. This federal mandate applies to any doctor in the country who prescribes controlled substances under Medicare Part D. In Arizona, the law requiring Elec- tronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances, referred to as EPCS, is temporarily waived due to coronavi- rus. The suspension of the law could be lifted any time now. It’s important to note that e-Prescribing provides substantial benefits and pro- tections to your practice whether you only prescribe antibiotics and antifun- gals, or you also prescribe controlled substances such as Norco, Lortab and Tylenol 3. Key integrations and auto- mations help to remove human error, verify correct prescriptions and reduce the risk of misuse. Here are a few ways you can improve patient care and pro- tect your practice as soon as you begin electronically prescribing. e-Prescribing is more secure than paper prescriptions. Let’s focus here on con- trolled substances. e-Prescribing con- trolled substances requires a one-time identity proofing process by a Creden- tial Service Provider. Identity Proofing prevents someone from impersonating you to illegally obtain prescriptions for controlled substances. As the doctor whose name and license are connected to the prescription, this is critical in protecting you from anyone attempting to forge a prescription. Another unique element to e-Prescrib- ing is a multi-factor (two or more) user authentication required each time you prescribe a controlled substance. The combination of identity proofing and multi-factor authentication adds impor- tant layers of protection for all involved. e-Prescribing gives you more flexibility. First, you can e-Prescribe any medica- tion, including controlled substances. That flexibility eliminates reliance on paper, phone and fax by streamlining your workflow into just one manage- able method for all prescriptions. Second, no matter where you are, or whether you use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone, your workflow doesn’t change. The execution of the process is similar to paper. Your staff can still prepare the prescription for you to review and approve. Then it’s sent with a click. Your workflow improves through practice management integration. With integration into your practice manage- ment system, patient information is directly populated into your e-Pre- scribing software, eliminating duplicate work and reducing potential costly or dangerous errors. Access your patient’s prescription his- tory at your fingertips. e-Prescribing software often allows you to see all prescriptions dispensed at any U.S. pharmacy over at least the past twelve months. You can also use your e-Pre- scribing software to access the AZ PMP AWARE for quick prescription history checks in just a few clicks. Time-saving benefits are designed to better protect your patients and your practice. Some software includes a built-in drug database that allows you to rapidly search dosing options, contra- indications, and discontinued meds, reducing medication errors and adverse drug events. Improve patient outcomes. When a patient knows their prescription will be automatically transmitted and most likely ready by the time they get to the pharmacy, they’re more likely to suc- cessfully pick up their medication. e-Prescribing can reduce errors.. Pharmacists are no longer deciphering handwriting. Phone calls, missed calls and voicemails no longer add steps to the process and the potential for your patient’s prescription getting lost or de- layed during the game of “Telephone”. Save your preferences. “Doctor’s Favorites” functionality provides quick access to the medications you frequently prescribe. e-Prescribing software can also automatically save patients’ preferred pharmacies. Begin e-Prescribing now to help improve workflow and access robust information to help inform decisions around prescription care. Pro Tip: When talking with various e-Prescribing providers, consider mak- ing sure every key function listed in this article is included in the flat-rate subscription fee. iCoreConnect, is a new AzDA Perks Partner. AzDA members receive special discount pricing on iCoreRx e-Prescrib- ing software. or 888.810.7706. WHYEVERYPRESCRIPTION SHOULDBEELECTRONIC GUEST ARTICLE Robert McDermott, CEO of iCoreConnect AzDA Perks Endorsed Company